Pedal the Pacific: Why I Ride

This post is from the Pedal the Pacific blog. Pedal the Pacific is an advocacy organization that raises awareness about sex trafficking through a 1,700 mile bike ride down the Pacific coast. A few years ago, I learned about sex trafficking for the first time and knew I had to do something. I was unsureContinue reading “Pedal the Pacific: Why I Ride”

The Hoax of Modern Minimalism

I recently bought a new toothbrush. A simple, curved toothbrush made from 100% recycled materials. It came in purple, red, green, and blue. Trivial choices usually present a great dilemma for me. I didn’t want the next couple months of brushing my teeth to have a small pang of regret. I stared at the options,Continue reading “The Hoax of Modern Minimalism”